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Endorsements from Ross Residents:

Ron Abta
Abigail Adams
Chris Adams
Kevin Alexander
Wendy Alexander
Darr Aley
Sandy Aley
Michael Alvarez
Nancy Alvarez
Peter Allen
Christina Amini
Mary Amonnette
Leif Arneson
Marina Ashrapian

Jennifer Balmaseda
Robert Balmaseda
Elena Batalla
Michael Baum
Jamie Behrendt
Bill Cahill
Jeanne Cahill
Joel Behrendt
Jeff Bergholt
Leslie Bergholt
Lisa Bernhard
Barbara Biancalana
Andrew Biggs
Genevieve Biggs
Amy Blake
Mark Blake
John Boynton
Kelly Boynton
Cameron Breitner
Elizabeth Breitner
Ann Brenner
Billie Buck
Trevor Buck
Jim Buie
Mary Buie
James Cahan
Bill Cahill
Jeanne Cahill
Gino Canori
Marianne Canori
Julie Carabello
Lee Carson
Eileen Chavez
John Chendo
Tom Cibrowski
Julianne Cibrowski

Caskie Collet
Colby Collet
Betty Cruse
Kris Dawley
Becky Delgado
Alejandro Diaz
Jenny Diaz
Laura Dickinson

Robert Dickinson
Stephanie DiMarco
Natalie Dmitrieva-Laplanche
Frank Doodha
Avi Downes
Monica Duflock
Chris Dunham
Lindsay Dunham
Margot Edde
Michael Edde
George Eichleay
Andrea Elkort
Daniel Elkort
Margie Ellis
Kevin Erdman
Valerie Erdman
John Esrey
Megan Esrey
Chris Fasano
Gina Fasano
Brian Fearnow
Caitlin Fisher
Greg Fisher

Josh Fisher
Yvonne Fisher
Anne Flemming
Mason Flemming
Scott Fletcher
Barbara Gaffney
Tom Gaffney
David Gale
Traci Gale
Lee Gammill
Matt Garibaldi
Linda Giacomini
Mike Gillfillan
Susan Gillfillan
Bruce Goldberg
Sara Jane Gould
Jenna Greer
Diane Grialou
Karla Griffin
Dominika Halka
Jim Harleen
Cecilia Harris
Wil Harris

Courtney Haslett
Nicole Haslett
Corinne Hedrick
Yolande Heller
Grace Herbst

Robert Herbst
Kristen Higgins
Patrick Higgins
Debra Hilleboe
Scott Hilleboe
Katie Hoertkorn
Richard Hoertkorn

Charles Hoeveler
Charlie Hoeveler
Kerry Hoeveler
Jan Hoeveler
Kathryn Hohenrieder
Stephen Hohenrieder
Nancy Holter
Jay Huck
Wendy Huck
Brian Hunt
Erica Hunt
Bruce Imai
Jeanne Imai
Marianne Jacobson
Betsy Jonckheer
Erica Johnson
Gary Jordon
Dan Kalafatas
James Kauffman
Stephen Kawaja
Cassie Keim
Kristine Kelley
Randi Kelly
Ryan Kelly

John Kieckhefer
Kim Kieckhefer
Jennifer Kiss
Patrick Kiss
Jessica Kissane

Amy Knaus
Jeff Knaus
Mark Kruttschnitt
Sarah Kruttschnitt

Andria Langenberg
Cam Lanphier
Edward Lanphier
Dana Lee
Spencer Lee
Cecile Lelievre
Brian Levonius
Liz Levonius
Anna Lushtak

Jeff Leon
Paul Macomber
Doreen Malin
Sonya Manning

Bill Martin
John Martin

Krista Martin
James Martling
Ramsey Masri
Jennifer Maxwell
Leigh Maurus
Chris Mazzola
JJ Mazzola

Rich Mazzola
Chas McBride

Louise McCallion
Paul McCarthy
Betsy McDermott
Ed McDermott

Chris McFadden
Mary McFadden
Sally McGivern
Christine McGonigle
Ian McGonigle
Katy McGovern
Chad Meuse
Jeffrey Mishkin
Amelia Morris
Hadley Mullin
Monica Nelson
Ariel Nessel
Rebecca Nessel
Liz Nogueiro
Ana Oltramare

Michel Oltramare
Georgia Ortega
Charlotte Oster
Kim Oster
Margaret Partlow

Ben Pastor
Megan Pavelka
Catherine Pedneault
Ken Petrilla
Sarah Petrilla
Debbie Piliero
Philip Pillsbury
Sharon Pillsbury
Bill Poland
Mary Poland
Kirsten Polsky
Steven Polsky
Tracy Porter
Caroline Prezzano
Douglas Prezzano
Jeff Qvale
Stefanie Reichel-Cook
Jenny Reilly

Susan Reinhart
Tom Reinhart
Barbara Renbaum
Joel Renbaum
Alex Robinson
Jenny Robinson
AJ Rohde
Elika Rosenbaum
Michael Rosenbaum
Dan Rosenthal
Diane Rudden
Russel Rudden
Jeff Rudsten
Susan Kay Rudsten
Tracy Salter
John Scarborough
Amy Schaeffer
Dave Schaeffer
Dave Scially
Kathy Scially
Giles Scott
John Shalavi
Sheri Shalavi
Michael Shapiro
Gabrielle Shekou

Sally Shekou
Sina Shekou
Chris Sheldon
Eileen Sheldon
Gayle Shimokaji
Lyle Shlager
Julia Flynn Siler
Leah Simpson

Evan Singer
Michelle Singer
Marcia Skall
Marlena Skall
Michael Skall
Amy Skewes-Cox
Ellie Skewes-Cox
Craig Slayen
Jacqueline Slayen
Larry Slayen
Melissa Slayen
Anderson Soldo
Katie Soldo
Matt Soldo
Sophia Soldo
Javier Soltero
Elizabeth Sutro
Stephen Sutro
Nancy Svendsen
Sean Svendsen
Charlotte Sweeny
Doug Sweeny
Robert Taylor

Patty Treadwell
Paul Treadwell
Jeff Treene
Anne Vallance
Nicholas Weiksner

Carrie Weinstein
Drew Weinstein
David Werdegar
Dr. Diana Werner
Kevin Weston
Lisa Williams
Ted Williams
Emily Wilson
Mark Wilson
Peter Wooster
Betty Zampa
Brad Zampa
Ed Zampa
Lisa Zampa

~Partial List~

"Branson is a landmark Ross institution that is celebrating its Centennial this year. I believe that Branson deserves our support so that it will be here for the next generation of families. Let's give Branson the opportunity to grow and innovate for their future.”

Patty Treadwell, Ross resident since 1962
Ross Leadership Council Member*

“I live a block away, and have been a neighbor of Branson for 24 years. They have worked tirelessly over the years to mitigate their impact on the neighborhood. We look forward to working with Branson to manage the incremental growth it needs to be a sustainable school.”

Ted Williams, Ross resident and Branson neighbor since 1995

"Our daughter attended both the Ross School and Branson and we have felt so blessed to have wonderful schools nearby. She was happy, challenged, and inspired by her time at Branson and I hope that Branson is allowed to expand so that many more students are able to take advantage of the same wonderful opportunities that my daughter had.”

Sarah Petrilla, Ross resident since 1983

“I am pleased to know that the March 2020 election would be the first in a series of opportunities for voters to weigh in on any future plans at The Branson School. In a small-town community like Ross, giving residents a voice at each step in the public process is critically important to maintain a strong working relationship between the school and our community.”

Josh Fisher, Ross resident since 2009
Vice President, Ross School Board*

“I am proud that Branson, one of the top independent high schools in the Bay Area, is my neighbor. It is an asset to our community, and part of Ross’ history for the last 100 years. I truly believe that the extensive public process by the Town Council will ensure that any growth by Branson over the next five years will be managed responsibly and thoughtfully.”

Marcia Skall, Ross resident since 1995
Former Ross School Foundation President*

“Branson is a tremendous asset for Ross. Generations of Ross children have attended, including my sons who received an exceptional education. Increasing enrollment will allow a larger number of Ross children to attend. Branson must increase enrollment to provide a top-quality education and to ensure financial viability. Branson will most likely leave Ross without the increase.”

Bill Cahill, Ross resident since 1990 and former Mayor and Town Councilmember

“Having been connected to the Branson community for a long time, I have seen firsthand how vibrant, thoughtful, and respectful its faculty and students are. Its new leadership has expressed and is implementing a bright vision for the school, and I truly believe the school’s long-term commitment to Ross will benefit our entire community.”

Cam Lanphier, Ross Resident since 1988

“As the leader of the Bolinas Avenue Neighborhood Committee (BANC), I have spent the past 12 years working on public safety issues on Bolinas Avenue. In 2009, Branson worked with us quickly and effectively to implement measures that helped reduce congestion. During this process, I felt that no one handled their commitment to community like Branson did. When you vote, I ask that you consider what could happen if the school were forced to leave. I have seen firsthand how Branson takes safety and traffic seriously, and I believe the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.”

John Martin, Bolinas Avenue Neighbor and Ross Resident

“I have been a Branson neighbor for 29 years (just down the hill on Fernhill) and have always felt that the school is a “crown jewel” in the heart of Ross. However, successful organizations are often characterized by their ability to change and adapt—to read the contemporary climate, then interpret and act accordingly. Now is the time for Branson to act. Economic realities require that Branson increase its income, without burdening students’ families with another tuition hike. Increasing enrollment is the answer.”

Doreen Malin, Ross resident and Branson neighbor since 1990

“I have lived on lower Fernhill for 38 years and before that I lived on Bolinas Avenue for 5 years. In the past 20 years the school has worked with the neighbors, the police and the school families and students to control the traffic in our neighborhood. The improvement has been dramatic and continues to get better each year. There is no reason to think this careful control and supervision of the traffic will not continue into the future. They have been a wonderful neighbor and are a community enhancement -- I believe we are fortunate to have an excellent school in our town.”

Margie Ellis, Ross Resident since 1976

“Branson is widely recognized for its talented students and teachers. For the Town of Ross to have this exceptional and independent school in our community is a privilege. Residents should encourage and support more of a partnership with Branson and this community. Branson allows our children to attend school activities, plays and sporting events which inspire them as they look up to these motivated students around them. We ask that you help retain this community asset. The supportive and engaged leadership, faculty and staff at Branson are committed to working with the town and families of Ross to manage growth responsibly and to assure that Branson remains in Ross for the next 100 years.”

Billie Buck, Ross resident since 2014

“I have been a neighbor of the Branson School for 65 years, living first on Shady Lane and then on Norwood. My three daughters graduated from the school - the oldest spent one year with “all girls.” My husband was on the Board of Trustees when boys were added, we have watched the school change and grow. It should be allowed to continue to grow and be the great school it has always been.”

Mary Amonnette, Ross resident and Branson neighbor for 65 years

“Having a school of Branson’s caliber nearby was a huge draw when we considered moving to Ross. We believe that having a leading school like Branson in Ross has many benefits to our community – significantly benefiting Ross School students and teachers, providing a great local option for Ross children, serving as a valuable community resource, and also supporting Ross real estate values. Branson has been a very considerate neighbor, and we enthusiastically support giving Branson the flexibility it needs to remain in Ross.”

Ed and Betsy McDermott, BRoss residents since 2012

“Branson was one of the big attractions when we moved onto Fernhill, thinking of the possibility that our kids might be able to attend a school of its caliber, and within walking distance. We’re grateful to have the school as a neighbor, and, having seen how much Branson does to manage traffic, as a transportation and safety-conscientious one at that.”

Andrew and Genny Biggs, Branson neighbors and Ross residents since 2014

“We love having one of the best high schools in the country in our backyard. Branson helps positively shape the leaders of tomorrow, and we want to make sure Branson can stay in our town for the next hundred years. It’s a beloved institution and we feel so lucky that it’s in Ross. Please vote with us to keep this amazing school here.”

Evan and Michelle Singer, Ross residents since 2000

“Branson has been an integral part of the Ross community for the last 100 years. As a close neighbor to the school for over 50 years and parents of two Branson alumni, we’ve seen what a wonderful Town asset and committed community partner we have next door. The school sends honest, hardworking graduates out into the world and we are all better off for it. We are voting Yes on F to secure Branson’s future in Ross and preserve the quality education that has defined our Town for 100 years.”

Anne and Mason Flemming (Former Ross Town Councilmember/Mayor), Branson neighbors for 53 years

*Titles are for identification purposes only