Branson Campus

About Measure F

Branson is fortunate to call the Town of Ross its home. Over the last 100 years, thousands of Branson graduates have left the school to go on to lives of purpose and meaning, working to make positive contributions to their communities and the world. As a school community, Branson feels deeply-rooted within Ross and hopes to remain here well into the future.

Despite this hope, for many years, Branson’s leadership has struggled with the limitations brought by a 1970’s-era enrollment cap of 320 students.  Many local independent schools have periodically grown their enrollment as a means of remaining financially sustainable. In order to remain a premier independent secondary school serving Ross, its Marin neighbors, and the Bay Area, Branson must evolve and innovate. A phased enrollment of up to 100 students over a period of four years is a critical first step toward a sustainable future.

A phased increase in our enrollment increase will:


Branson introduces ballot measure to grow enrollment

Branson seeks ballot measure in March 2020 election through petition process; Marin County Elections Official certifies signatures for placement of measure on the ballot

Community outreach

Branson will provide additional information to Ross residents regarding its need to grow enrollment and continue to seek community feedback

ELECTION DAY: March 3, 2020

Ross residents will vote whether to give Branson permission to request enrollment growth through the Town of Ross’ public process

Application to amend Branson’s Use Permit

If successful, Branson has the ability to apply to the Town Council to request a phased enrollment increase. The town will conduct studies to analyze potential impacts from an increase in student enrollment to ensure that quality-of-life for neighboring residents is preserved

Public comment

Once impact studies have been completed, the Town of Ross will conduct public hearings to review Branson’s application for additional students and receive public comment

Town Council decision

Ross Town Council has discretion to either approve or reject Branson’s application for up to 100 additional students through a phased enrollment increase